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Code of Federal Regulations (49CFR)

Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

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Hurricane 800

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction; Painted Blue, Teflon or Bronze Wiper Blades
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Heavy Duty Gear Reducer
  • Electric or Air Operation
  • 4"" Diameter - 25 Microns and Up
  • 8"" Diameter - 100 Microns and Up
  • Inlet and Outlet Pressure Gauges
  • Automated Purging
  • Metal Stand
  • Removes Unwanted Contaminants
Product Code: hurricane800
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Flux Pump

  • Flux is the #1 brand worldwide for electric or air "powered" drum and bulk container pumps in terms of reliability, design, performance, durability, wear life, range of products, and more.
  • Unlike competitive brands, Flux Pumps are repairable and are not to be considered a "throw away".
  • Pumps are primarily used to transfer unload fluids from 55 gallon drums and bulk containers (IBC's); models avaiable to 10" tall.
  • Specialize in safely pumping corrosives(chemicals, acids, and caustics), thick viscosity fluids, and flammable liquids.
  • products are accepted in virtually every industry including,chemical processing and distribution, water and waste treatment, plating and metal finishing, power and utility institutions, automotive, mass transit facilities, agriculture, refineries, industrial manufacturing facilities and more.
  • Flux offers the only true 3A approved (sanitary) drum and container pump models for transfer of thick and thin fluids up to (100,000 CPS viscosity) for use in food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.
  • Please contact us for help with any pump application you may have.
Product Code: Flux
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Banjo Pumps

  • 1.5"", 2"", 3"" & 4"" Pumps Most Common
  • Centrifugal Pumps; some are Sulf-Priming
  • Hydraulic Drive with Poly Pump
  • Cast Iron Pumps
  • Electric Drive Pumps
  • Gas Drive, 316 Stainless Steel Pumps
Product Code: banjo-pumps
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Poly Line Strainers


  • Poly
  • Poly/Stainless and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Poly Ribbed Stainless Steel Screen
  • EPDM or Viton Gaskets
  • Clean-out Plugs
  • T & Y Shaped Models
Product Code: polyline
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Drum Handler


  • Forklift Mount
  • Crane Mount
  • Carriage Mount
  • Handles Steel
  • Plastic and Fibre Drums
  • Can Move 4-8 Drums at one time


Product Code: drumhandler
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IBC Mixers


  • Clamp Style for IBC's
  • Lid Mounted for IBC's
  • Air or Electric; Some are Explosion Proof
  • Bung Entry Mixers; Folding Propellers
  • Horizontal or Vertical Styles
  • Mounting Brackets Available
Product Code: ibcmixers
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Pail and Drum Mixers


  • Handle Bar Mixers for Pails and Drums
  • Fixed Blade or Caged Impeller
  • Deadman Trigger
Product Code: pailmixers
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Metering Equipment

  • Manual
  • Automatic or Programmable
  • Operation display
  • Pulse Signal/Analog Signal
  • Available with Alarms
  • Chlorine Models Available
  • Stainless Steel or PVC Models
  • Valve Seats/Seals: Viton, Teflon or EPDM
Product Code: meteringequip
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